The Italian Transnational Cinema

Flavia Laviosa, Wellesley College (USA)

Epochal transformations, such as the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the events culminating in the “Arab Spring” in 2010,[1] and the political unrest with the subsequent escalation of violence that caused the eruption of a full-scale civil war in Syria in 2011, causing the largest exodus in recent history, have contributed to a need to reassess Italy’s geo-political translocality.

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Africa in Italy

Leonardo De Francesci, University ROMA TRE

In recent years critical reflection on the so-called Italian cinema of immigration has grown richer, thanks mainly to the contribution made by Italianists.

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Africa in Italia

Leonardo De Franceschi, UNIVERSITÀ ROMA TRE

Negli ultimi anni si è notevolmente arricchita la riflessione critica sul cosiddetto cinema italiano dell’immigrazione, grazie soprattutto al contributo offerto dagli italianisti.

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