ITALIAN FILM FOCUS 2017 is organized by Controluce with the support of MIBACT, the Italian Institute of Culture in Pretoria and the Italian Consulate in Cape Town.

The program of the Italian Film Focus 2017 once more offers the most recent Italian cinema of quality. The films have all been presented to major international festivals and sold in many countries. A panorama of genres and stories of great interest witnesses vitality, creativity, authorship, but also a certain attention to the tastes of the general public. You will see comedies narrated with careful psychological realism as in the touching relationship between the old poet and the problematic and young "caregiver" in FRIENDS BY CHANCE by Francesco Bruni. In other films the style could be defined grotesque social, as in the unpredictable and perfectly orchestrated UGLY NASTY PEOPLE by Cosimo Gomez, a style that has found its best inspirations in certain films by Ettore Scola and in the graphic novel. We will have the pleasure of talking about the film directly with Director Gomez and actress Rosa Canova. Last but not least, on return from the Venetian success, the musical LOVE AND BULLETS by the Mainetti brothers, is explosive also from a musical point of view.

We will, of course, also present stories of dramatic genre about contemporary Italy and its social conflicts, which are so well expressed by the figure of the priest in EQUILIBRIUM by Vincenzo Marra or in figures of the mayor and the inmate, who are so different from eachother, but nevertheless are united by poetry as they face eachother in the THE ARK OF DISPERATA by Edoardo Winspeare.

A reflection on the phenomenon of migrants could not be left out and is found in THE ORDER OF THINGS by Andrea Segre. This film is an exemplary story, which is attentive to the complex relationship between different cultures, between duty and conscience and between north and south, but never forgets about the individuals with their stories, aspirations, personal and collective challenges, to which the author rightly gives no political interpretations but urges a confrontation, a civil debate. The cinema thus fulfills its many functions, it reflects and discusses, but at the same time it is also a great show, a technical wonder that brings dreams to life and raises emotions. It is in this perspective that we present two animation films, THE ART OF HAPPINESS by Alessandro Rak, Winner of the EFA Award - European Film Awards 2014: Best European Animated Feature, and GATTA CENERENTOLA, also by Alessandro Rak and by Dario Sansone, Ivan Cappiello and Marino Guarnieri. These works are by a highly professional and creative team that views animation not only as cinema for kids but for all ages, a universal language that is constantly renewed.
Their presence in Cape Town will offer the opportunity to continue the relationship with the vital local animation film industry and with representatives of the NFVF. A reminder that five films have been made since the signing of the co-production agreement with South Africa in 2006, and another is in production stage.

Controluce has always been an active part of this process, introducing authors to producers. This year this commitment will be implemented with a panel of our delegation and local animation producers, organized in collaboration with Westgro and Animation Film Festival in Cape Town.

Our delegation will also participate in an important educational activity that has developed over the years: meetings and screenings at AFDA, BIG FISH and CITYVARCITY film schools. This relationship has seen our younger audience grow. We therefore expect you in great number as every year, for this new journey into Italian society and film culture!