Italian masters have been able to inspire the collective imaginary from all over the world.

Italian masters have been able to inspire the collective imaginary from all over the world. However, in order to address and overcome the challenges of tomorrow it is of upmost importance that the Italian contemporary filmmaking industry keeps getting out there armed with courage and willingness to adapt to the needs of an ever-changing market.

Already come to its seventeenth edition, The Italian Film Festival places itself in the light of this challenge, by opening the doors of the Italian cultural, artistic and historical background to the South African movie scene.
I do hope that both the local community and the professionals flying here directly from Italy, will benefit from this cultural and identity exchange to find themselves, at the end of this journey, enriched by new horizons.

The initiative, promoted in collaboration between the Consulate of Italy, the Italian Institute of Culture in Pretoria, Associazione Controluce and the Labia Theatre, provides seven film production belonging to the most recent Italian cinematic landscape. From the two animation movies for adults of the filmmaker Alessandro Rak, to the modern fairy tale of Francesco Bruni in “Friends by Chance”, the leitmotiv of all works is the contrasts of light and shade of Italian Southern cities.

The themes offered by the selected movies are all, in a way or another, close to the sensitivity of the South African people. “The Order of Things” of Andrea Segre, treats with extreme delicacy and humanity the sense of unity and welcoming during the difficult times of immigration flows. “Equilibrium” By Vincenzo Marra, reports the bond that exists between Italy’s church, the police and drug overlords (the mafia).

It is interesting to see how animation movies, once considered as series B movies with respect to “real movies”, have now managed to upgrade and develop a strong identity. “The art of Happiness” of the filmmaker Alessandro Rak, set in a freely reinterpreted version of the city of Naples, is an example.

To conclude, I am convinced that the Italian Film Focus will play a part in strengthening the cinematic bond between Italy and South Africa; enjoy the movies!