Ugly Nasty People

By Cosimo Gomez

Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Marco D'Amore, Sara Serraiocco, Rinat Khismatouline, Shi Yang Shi, Marco Pancrazi, Giorgio Colangeli, Filippo Dini, Fabiano Lioi, Rosa Canova, Maria Chiara Augenti

English subtitle

Cinematography: Vittorio Omodei Zorini
Editing: Mauro Bonanni
Set design: Maurizio di Clemente
Costume design: Anna Lombardi
Music: Paolo Vivaldi
Producer: Fabrizio Mosca, Luca Barbareschi, André Logie, Farès Ladjimi, Marc Simoncini, Philippe Logie
Production: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Cinema, Mille et une productions, supported by MiBACT,
Country: Italy/France Year: 2017 film run: 87'

Papero, Ballerina, Merda and Plissé improvise a robbery that will change their lives. It does’nt matter if Papero has no legs, if Ballerina, his beautiful wife, has no arms, if Merda is a drug addict rastaman and Plissé a dwarf. Those are just minor details. There are no obstacles for them. Just dreams. Although after the stunt things get complicated, each member of the unlikely gang seems to have a plan of their own to hold on to the loot.

Festival & Awards:

  • La Biennale di Venezia 2017: Orizzonti
  • Madrid Italian Film Festival 2017: Largometrajes
  • Stockholm International Film Festival 2017: Twilight Zone